Protect Your Assets And Avoid Probate With A Living Trust

When you think of estate planning, you may think that all you really need is a will. Unfortunately, a simple will does not protect your assets or the people you love from the frustrating Nevada probate process. A living trust may be the best way to ensure that your loved ones will benefit from your estate.

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Why Create A Living Trust?

A living trust gives you the ability to set aside money to be used according to your wishes. Maybe you want to provide money for a child or grandchild’s college education. Perhaps you want to make sure your spouse will have enough if you pass away. A living trust protects your assets for the specific goals you identify.

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There are many advantages to living trusts. They:

  • Allow your loved ones to avoid probate
  • Provide for you and your family if you become incapacitated in any way
  • Can be updated easily as your circumstances and priorities change
  • Do not become part of public record like a last will and testament
  • Are tailored to your unique needs and goals

After more than 20 years as an attorney, Jill Hanlon knows that creating the right estate plan is about more than simply understanding each document’s legal purposes. It is about understanding your unique situation and determining the best documents to meet your needs.

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