Effective, Compassionate Guardianship Representation

Is your elderly mother no longer capable of caring for herself? Is your special needs child about to become a legal adult? Have your grandchildren just lost their parents in a fatal accident? Guardianships are legal instruments that allow an appointed individual to care for the needs of another who is not capable of managing finances or caring for him or herself.

At the Law Office of Jill Hanlon, we can help you through the legal process of establishing a guardianship when you are facing a challenging situation where one is necessary. We offer informative, personal guidance that is focused on your situation and your loved one's needs. With more than 20 years of experience, attorney Jill Hanlon has the legal knowledge and skill to help you make this process as seamless as possible.

Understanding Nevada Guardianships

A guardian is a person appointed by the court to make personal and/or financial decisions for a minor or incapacitated person.

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There are three types of guardianships in Nevada:

  • Guardianship over the person: The nature of a legal guardianship varies depending on whether the guardianship is over an adult or an incapacitated adult. Legal guardianships for minor children are necessary if someone other than the child's parent is providing for the needs of the child. It grants the legal guardian the authority and responsibility to manage the child's health care, schooling needs and other daily needs. Legal guardianships are necessary for adults who have become mentally incapacitated or are not otherwise capable of managing their daily care and needs (and do not have a health care power of attorney and/or health care directive in place appointing an individual to manage such needs).
  • Guardianship over the estate: A guardianship over the estate (commonly called a conservatorship in other states) enables a court-appointed individual to manage another individual's legal and financial affairs. Legal guardianships over the estate may be necessary for minor children or incapacitated adults who cannot manage such decisions on their own. This can range from regularly paying bills and managing finances for an elderly parent to managing the affairs of a minor child until he or she turns 18 (or a special needs child after he or she turns 18).
  • Guardianship over the person and the estate: In many situations, when a legal guardianship is required, it is necessary to appoint an individual to serve as guardian over both the person and the estate. This enables one guardian to manage all of the minor child or incapacitated adult's health care, legal, financial and personal needs while the individual is incapable of managing such things.

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At the Law Office of Jill Hanlon, we understand that taking care of a loved one can be overwhelming. We assist families in the guardianship process for both children and adults, including:

  • Determining if a guardianship is necessary
  • Appointing a legal representative to act on behalf of the person or estate of the ward
  • Locating and inventorying assets
  • Accounting to the court and relatives of the ward
  • Petitioning the court for permission to take actions on behalf of the ward
  • Terminating the guardianship when it is no longer necessary

If you have questions about the guardianship process or need assistance in a guardianship proceeding, please contact us to arrange a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.